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SIII bulb count


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So, i am sending all my body panels to the painter today. And have been toying with the idea of swapping out all my bulbs in the turn signals, flashers, back up lights, etc...over to LEDs.

I know that I need a relay on the flashers to keep them from fast blinking. Other then that...has anyone switched all there bulbs out with LEDs?

But my main question is this: Since i purchased this truck from someone else, I have never had to replace any bulbs and do not know what the sizes are. To turn signals were missing bulbs and some of the dash lights were gone, too. What size bulbs do I need for everything? I know this is a tall order...but it sure would help me out if someone knew the count and size for every bulb that the SIII had on it.

I know the export version of the SIII is a little different because over here in the states we had the 4" amber for turn signals on the front and back. But everything else is the same.

Thanks guys.

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Why bother? The led bulbs are ridiculously over priced in my opinion, and in the 10 odd years I've owned my truck i think I've only blown one bulb. All the problems I've had with lights have either been down to corroded contacts, or I've smashed them to pieces on trees!


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I had also heard that the LED bulbs didn't tend to like the shock of Series suspension and especially off road work.

Tbh I can't remember the sidelight sixe, only that they're 5W, will have to get back to you on that one.

The rest are P21W for Fogs, Reverse, UK Indicators, P21/5W for Brake and Tail.

Excuse me for asking but why would you need a relay on the turn signals/ indicators? How does that stop it from flashing too quicly if they're already 12V bulbs you're using?

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I know that I need a relay on the flashers to keep them from fast blinking.

You don't need a relay, you either need to replace your flasher with an electronic flasher unit (most LED bulb shops will sell you one) or more of a bodge is a couple of power resistors to fake the electrical load of normal bulbs.

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