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Was I being a spanner?


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I just watched the video of the fella breaking the diff in the silver 90. If you've seen the vids on my blog of the quarry session I was at the other day then you know there were a few places I was giving it abuse cause I doubt I would have gotten up the particular sections otherwise. Most worryingly the bit where the truck does a little wheelie, it's safe to assume the rear diff was under load then.

I'm wondering, well, I'm realising I was at risk of knackering the diff and possibly should have been foregoing those sections?

Thing is I gave the RR a good hammering, damaged the back bumper, both rear side panels and the rear quarters. The exhaust got a bit of a jostling too and since then I've been getting this horrible vibration like a dead wheel bearing from the back of the truck when I go over 65mph

I'd ruled it out cause the exhaust now sits very close to my inner arch and could feasibly rattle against it at speed, but could this be a diff in a bad state?


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I'll have to do some road tests tomorrow or Saturday depending on how the next 24hrs go, the announcement of the final shortlist for the job in Oz is being made tonight. I may even get a phone call from the Aussie Minister for Tourism!

If I'm selected and if the last few weeks is anything to go by I'm sure I won't have 10 seconds to think about the RR for the phone hopping.

Tel you what though, if I got the job and the subsequent salary the old RR would get some much needed attention when I got back. The full beam has now given up. If you try and use it all the lights go out. It's great for scaring friends.

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George the vibration is that lovely classic sobbing lamenting the loss of three of it's cylinders :P

sounds like you may have a bit of carp stuck somewhere or a dying uj on the rear prop

do you want me to pull the switch gear of this one here and put it to oneside

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