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Wider drum vs. stock fairlead


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I damaged the assy plate of the 8274 due to operator's (mine) and winch monkey's mistake.

Apart from the scary price for the replacement part (probably repairable but...),

I pulled the bumper+winch off the truck and now thinking of a wider drum and a guard to avoid the rope jumping off the side plate again...

But...as I plan to keep using wire rope and not synthethic (for a while at least),

I need the roller fairlead.

I just fear the wire rope won't like the steeper angle at the roller and might break.

I spoke to Gwyn (Lewis), very nice chap, and he told me wider drum & stock fairlead with plasma worked ok.

I could have a wider roller fairlead made but not sure I'd be able to source the rollers.




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Hello Tony,

I didn't know this H14 thing, thanks for the hint,

I'm in touch with David (Bowyer, can't find the right oil for my Husky),

will ask him and check the lenght out.

I like the idea!It would save me a lot of time.


That assy plate is absurd, around 120 € and nothing exotic really.

It's probably a Warn thing...pay for the brand...


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