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Parked Up P38


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I left my Rangie parked up for about 3 weeks and when I came to start up apart from a slightly lazy battery I got a Gearbox fault pop up on the display.

Switched off after a few minutes idle, restarted, no gearbox fault!

When I drove round the block it took about 5 minutes for the suspension to get settled with lights blinking on the switch. After that it settled down and all is OK.

Was my Rangie just sleepy :blink: and needed a stretch, or do I have some underlying problems coming up?


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The flat low battery caused the gearbox fault to appear in the display. It’s not a problem now that you have put some charge back into the battery.

I had a problem with my alarm continually waking up when parked outside my place. Every time I went to start it, it would either be so flat that the engine would not start or the gearbox fault would be displayed. You did the right thing with turning the ignition on and off a few times before driving off.

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i work 3 week shifts, and some times when i come back to it i get gearbox fault - which always go away. i've had SRS fault before and that had to be reset by computer.


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