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What effect will this have on an ARB ?


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Following another days of LR bashing Sunday at the Howlin Wolf round 2, Iwas getting a clanking and what felt like stiffness and notchiness from what I thought was the rear diff.

The rear same as the front is 24 spline ARB locking unit, with standard early 90 V8 shafts in the rear,

I presumed I'd chipped the crown wheel/pinion and it was slipping or possibly a shaft was sort of making and then slipping, so common sense because of problems elsewhere was to put it on the trailor.

So out with the shafts and nearly but not quite broken on, the long shaft is "A" OK, the short is twisted but not broken at the diff end, the diff appears and feels OK, and there were no bits or pieces in the axle case or old oil.

Any idea's as to what could be causing clonking and jamming, or roughness, and no its not the rear prop, the X eng disc feels ok, Ashcroft fange ends seem fine,

How do you test a LT77 centre diff without removing or driving it or when its on stands?


Could it be the severity of the twist of the shaft causing me problems?

Any ideas lads.

Thanks again


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Yeah, nice twist :D

What exactly are the symptoms? Bangings? Knockings? Grindings? Diff locked or unlocked? Loaded or unloaded? Straight ahead or on lock? Constant and speed related?

Also, what age is the ARB (ie is it an RD56 or is it one of the newer RD128s)? The locking mechanism in both is different and, when they fail, have different result.

You can test the centre diff by jacking up a wheel (probably best to do a front one if you're worried about a the rear diff) with the gearbox in neutral and try turning it. If it doesn't turn when the t.box is out of diff lock then you've killed the centre diff. When I last killed one the truck drove fine but just occasionally made a bang as the transmission wound up and tension in the shrapnel that used to be a diff released. HTHs

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are you sure that shaft is correct for the axle,

it may have twisted as you are not getting full spline engagement, looks like only have of it is going into the side gear,

this will not be causing the roughness but you may want to check it,

to test the centre diff,

mainbox in neutral, handbrake on

jack up one front wheel, it should spin free and stop dead when you lock the centre diff,

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