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td5 dash into older 90

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WOW loads of replies. Seems like a very good bit of kit if Most people are fitting it.

As for the radio cb issue do you think its cause you put the cb in the top and radio in the bottom. Would it have fitted better if the other way around or do they just touch naturally?

Cheers Guys


I don't think it would make any difference which way round they are. I can only assume that some CB's are shorter than others (mine's a Midland). I got sick of messing about with it and have stuck a beer mat in between the two to stop them rattling ;)

Still haven't done the photo's, got involved fitting a battery cut-out and forgot, sorry.

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I think i'm going to get one of these myself instead of hunting down a 2002 spec dash, does look usefully versatile.

Re the CB issue, i guess you could always put the CB in the cubby box or whatever, keeps it out of sight too...

I recon i'll be going with stereo on the face, along with a row of carlings for various functions, then some gauges on the angled surface.

What's the visibility of the angled surface like from the drivers seat?

I also like the look of the little tray they do that goes around the transmission tunnel... is that any good?

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Looking good mate, yeah they tidy the dash up no end.

Re: the ipod, I got one of theses fellas: http://www.ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk/iPod_Mou...od_%28840659%29

Bit pricey but keeps the ipod from sitting in a cup holder somewhere.

Got a magnetic one on the way, but that looks good. I wanted one that sits flat on the side of the console, over the fag lighter

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