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Twin batteries?

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Hi all

Want to add an other battery to my discovery 200tdi

But how, i dont have a clue how to do it , what ways are there of doing it?

Havent got any batteries yet, will have all the normal motor electrics Plus two winchs So what batteries are best to get?

Any help welcome ? :)


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Guest noggy

for double the amps, just connect in parallel.

DO NOT connect in series as this will give you 24volts.

there are other much posher ways as im sure will be posted up very soon.

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I did do a search couldnt really find much tho, so thats why im asking now

I often have trouble using the forum search engine - even when I know something about the post I am looking for. In these circumstances I often find that google (with the phrase site:lr4x4.com in the search string) works better. eg: type the following:

twin battery wiring site:lr4x4.com

and you will get 25 hits all on this site, some of which will probably contain the info you want.

Hope this helps


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