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Lowered Turrets?

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Hi i am currently replacing the front turrets on my 90 as the old ones have had it. i already have a 2" lift fitted and was wondering if i fit lowered turrets wot effect they will have? Will they provide greater articulation or just lift the vehicle higher?? Also will i need to start fitting dislocation cones? :( Cheers

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Firstly, -2" turrets will not affect ride height.

They will affect bump travel and depending on the length of your shocks and bump stops may cause the shock to bottom out before the axle hits the bump stop resulting in a destroyed shock.

With a 2" lift I would look at raised turrets and longer shocks. Alternatively, replace with standard height turrets. Lowering them is a poor compromise IMHO.

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Doing this is not the best way of getting more travel from longer springs the travel is set by the shock absorbers.

I cut two inch’s out of my turrets and fitted drop plates to the rear shocks.

I did it because I do a lot of overland travel and it is a lot easer to get standard length shocks if you break one.

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As stated, lowered turrets make no sense as the compression travel has not been affected by the lift and you may bottom the shock out. The shock is not meant to take these loads. If you put on lowered turret, you should also add longer bump stops to prevent this.

Also, the front axle is not limited in articulation travel by the shocks. It is limited by the radius arms. Making changes to the shocks won't influence articulation travel.

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