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LT230 Overhaul

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I've swapped the LT230 1.410 gears for 1.222 last april. by september it started whining.

As I got the kit from Ashcroft, I decided to email them. they are the best, super helpful. The kit is pretty good, but I can't say for what happened during the install at my local garage.

I vaguely remembered something about a pre-load in the overhaul manual. What does that mean? How do I check it? (yes, i'll have to drop the 50kg box again and tat's going to cost me about 200pounds)

Should it be a case of the preload was not right during the install or could the old bearings be the problem. I didn't change the bearing when the box was dropped.

What do I need to take note of when I next when I overhaul the box (soon)?

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if not it's time to spend the money (again) and drop the box. should have done it the first time round.

but i'm still puzzled abt what the preload stuff is all about.

I'm not sure on the answer, but i did come across an overhaul manual some time ago which i have a copy of on PDF. I can;t remember the link, but can email you a copy if you PM me your email address.

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the pre-load sets the bearings endfloat/running clearances

wow, that certaintly sounds alien to me. ok, looking at the manual now, I don't seem to see how it work.

Can you enlighten me on how the pre-load will set the running clearances?


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