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Panther arrives in Afghanistan


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Extracted from MoD web page:

" It is intended that the Panther will replace vehicles including Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (Tracked), Fighting Vehicle 430, Saxon, and Land Rover Truck Utility Medium. "



YouTube video:




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At 7 tonnes it should have enough armour, stopping it sinking on soft surfaces might be an issue.

It is a nice looking bit of kit, chatting to one of the guys that run them in anger and he was saiding its too small inside to be comfortable, I had a good nose about it and by the time they've got all the comms gear and other stuff its really small for a guy in body armour.

They're also getting the Jackal mark 2, but I haven't seen any yet.


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The ones I've had contact with out here in afghan have performed very well - their off road mobility is very good indeed and their Remote Weapon's stations are a huge asset. CTIS is certainly helping to compensate for their weight, particularly by the time they're loaded with all the gear for a week long op. I havent heard any complaints about the room inside them - most people are happy just to have aircon and some form of armour between them and the 7.62mm short nose....

Will get some pics up as and when I'm able.


(Mastiff Group, BG(NW), Op HERRICK 10)

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