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front turrets....... sizes etc


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right then was messing about today and sorting suspension on rogue, ive removed the exsisting ones pictured.

now the new turrets i have for the front are to tall as the inner wheel arches were built around the blue ones......... so are lower ones available? and if so, i suppose the +5" shocks will be to long?

just thinking of easier ways rather than cutting up the inner wheel arches.

humour me please :)


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Guest noggy

LR shocks do not have that fitting at the top of the front shock.

why not use a LR rear shock on the front?

i think that would work... :unsure:

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the issue is that they were on a 3 point linkage system and the shock is outside of the spring, where as i need to mount mine in the conventional manner and i was looking at doing it without cutting rogue inner arches up........ but thats by the by.

ive found some shorter turrets now :D

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do you use the 'difflock' forum chap there called greenracer had a set he was selling for 20 quid qt ones i think ,he sent them to me but they got returned cos of a lazy couriour(long story) he's not to far from you from memory if i can find the details i'll pm you with them

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