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on the market for a new welder, have a few offers on the cards looking for something around the 220ish range. still open to suggestions tho- no price range as such just NOT wanting any sealey/clarke cheap end of the scale rubbish-you can keep those sugestions to yourself please. :P limit of £900 which should buy me a good piece of kit so if anyone knows of any good offer on at the mo the lets hava linky posted!

main reason for topic is iv been trying to find 'portamig' as iv heard a few things about them thought id hava look, i just cant bluddy find them anywhere! so if any of you welding bums have purchased/looked at any recently a web address would be very nice, any address would be good i suppose, that is if they haven't been 'credit crunched' and gone under, which would explain me not being able to find them.

cheers andy

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so posted similar question on a welding forum and it turns out they dont directly sell to public market and are produce by technical arc up north somewhere. Also sell under MTA sold here at a very good price. specs are somewhat desireable:

MTA 211 Compact Mig Welder

Mahcine Features

12 Voltage Steps, for fine adjustment of power

Welds from as low as 20 AMPS

Built in electronic burn back for all settings

Can be used with 0.6, 0.8, or 1.0mm wire on 15kg or 5kg spools

Quality wire drive system and motor

The machine is guaranteed for 1 year, the transformer is guaranteed for 5 years

This machine comes complete with a MB15 Heavy Duty German Euro Torch and a Regulator


Duty cycle, at 60% - 120 Amps

bigger machine mta 231 is 60% cycle at 135a! not bad me thinks

Approx Weight - 55kg

Size - 530mm H plus handle x 360mm W plus rear wheels x 740mm L

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I have the MTA 211 (from MTA!) and got excelent service from them with delivery just days after I ordered it which bearing in mind the weight of one of these is quite impressive.

To be honest I am not a good enough welder to really get the best from it but a friend who does weld a lot on big expensive welders at work came down to use it to weld a lot of 6mm plate and was impressed, never managed to exceed the duty cycle and it kept going with no problem for several hours of almost constant welding (used up most of a 5kg roll of wire). Having tried this with a cheap welder in the past I spent more time waiting for it to cool down than actually welding, it particularly annoying when it cuts out in the middle of the weld, never happened yet with this one.

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Nope, he doesn't, despite the fact that people keep asking! he's reachable by email or phone though, and happy to chat through the options.

I paid similar to the MTA price, for a 211, with regulator and torch, also included were a set of gloves and a load of tips, shrouds etc.

To be honest, i wasn't too bothered about shopping around within the MTA/portamig sellers as Steve contributes a lot to the mig-welding forum and offers such good service.

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