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Hi guys :D

Just posting this out of interest. My brother and i are taking part in the LeJog Historic car reliabilty trial in dec. Its lands end to John o'groats and we're doing it in his 80" series one.

Seeing as we're going to be totally self indulgent of this trial jolly (with special stages and map reading etc!) we thought is would be a good idea to raise some money for charity aswell.

if you look at these two websites, you can see what we're up too.



we're having to do to alot of work to the old girl before we go - if you're interested i can post our progress and pictures.

Thanks for your support


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John Carroll & Tony Sinclair [both of LRW fame] did Lejog a few years ago in a pair of Series 1 80's, IIRC there was a 3rd to make up a team entry, I've done LeJog as recovery on the Lands End to Severn Bridge leg for a few years. my last one was 2004, then it changed from a 2 yearly event to every year. which I think was/is a mistake as last year I think there was less than 50 entries, whereas in previous years over 100.

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Welcome to the LJ club, I've done it six times now as part of the Volvo team.

Are you planning to do the trial or the tour?

It's a crazy four days and I don't envy you in the LR but it's been done before as posted and they survived!

If you want any info as to what it's really like, let me know. More than happy to tell you all about it.

Undecided about an entry this year, first time I did it entry was over 100 cars but has dwindled subsequently which is a shame as it is THE long distance rally to do in the UK as the only one retaining real night legs.


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