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Views on Value ? - 90 doors lift up handle types

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Hi all,

I truly hope as a mod here I don't get told off :rofl:

Was in the shed today "Finding something" found it plus a bruise or too coming :lol:

In my hunt I saw the 2x (left and Right hand) old 90 doors, the one piece jobbies, completely complete,

with windows, winders, door cards glass and they are the old Lift up latch types, no dents and zero rot,

and I frankly will not ever use them again so seems a waste

I know they fetch "Good Money" but just how good ?

What do the panel here think ios the going rate ? - I really do not know

Heres hopingh I 'aint modded :)


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Nigel- I need a pair but as to their value- I would say 200 for both at top ebay price- a single door push button went last week for 99 and 2 series doors for only 45..god value

I am likely to be interested but since am trying to sell stuff to buy parts- a 90 roof and rear door incl sunroof

and sticks and top - part top doors to cover cab - (I have truck cab)

However ebay could be best bet

I would offer about 100-120 at present

PM me if you think it worth talking

v best


(in London)

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recently enquired at the local landy breaker there quoting £250 each i even found a dented but solid pair and they were £150 each so bloody expensive

last pair i sold had some rot in the bottom but were worth saving and i sold them for £15 :o

Where were you looking Nick ? wasnt cws4x4 was it ?

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I sold some about 6 months ago, not key'd alike, had had 2 small patches on the bottoms but where very solid, good door cards and new window tracks I got £100 for the pair so i guess £150-200 for yours but as with landys who knows?? a pair of push buttons in that cindition could well be worth £300 and if someone reaaaallly wants the ultra super rare and most excellant liftup ones..... :rolleyes::lol:

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