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What voltage should the alt put out on the 200 tdi.


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that will almost certainly kill your battery in no time.

You want 13.8-14.4v with it ideally at 14.1 or so.

anything over 14.4 causes the battery to start gassing, with 17.4v it could explode and will most definately kill it if you run it like that for any length of time.

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With 17-volts, the battery will be over charging, which will make it get hot and boil the acid. The gas given off is hydrogen, which is highly explosive. The battery can also burst - especially if it's the sealed, non-vented type. If your battery is hot, swollen, venting what looks like steam, then you must leave it to cool down completely before going anywhere near it. You will need a new battery and replace/repair the alternator.

Maximum output from the alternator should be around 14.6 volts.


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