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Automatic gear change,Can I alter it?


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I have a 1996 Automatic Disco. It changes into top gear at 52 mph, is it possible to make it change into top at plus minus 45mph. It feels that it should change earlier when I'm driving, plus this would surely make it more economical and I don't feel I need the high revs. Any ideas??


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Is the vehicle modified? If you have oversized tyres fitted then this will affect the gearing and in turn this will affect when the box changes.


no all standard parts [this is a jap import with 61000 on the clock by the way]

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You are in top gear way before 52mph, thats when the torque converter locks up.

My x 3.5 RR locked up at 45 but locking up at that speed did make the RR sluggish at that point.

Yes it is possible to convert your gear box, but as it's a internal thing u will have to get someone like Ashcrofts to work on it, or change to box for a 3.5 RR one.

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Mine currently locks up at approx 47 mph but that is with a 1.4:1 transfer case rather than the standard 1.22:1 and 33" tyres. When I had 31" tyres it was a bit lower at around 43 mph. However I suspect that on standard 29" tyres you will find the gearing to low using a 1.4:1 transfer box.


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52mph is when it is supposed to lock up the torque converter, almost definitely this is what you are feeling, pretty sure without a box dismantle there'll be no way to change this.

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