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desert paint


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Our new 110's white paint is looking at bit in need of reviving, so we're going to paint it a lovely desert sand colour, should blend in lovely back in Spain.

i'm told i can get some Nato Desert Sand from Anchor supplies but i'm also told you can't send paint through the post? (makes sense really) so not really wanting to drive to Nottingham or Ripley i'm wondering if theres anywhere even remotely close to me in maidenhead where i can get some? or is there an alternative? could i perhaps have something made up? and what colour code would i use? (i'm sure if i go into a shop and ask for desert sand they'll have no idea what i'm on about) also is there a specific type of paint i need to use? it's going to be prepped and primered properly, no bare metal...

i thought about using the old hammerite route but my lady saw my last attempt and is not having a repeat! :rolleyes:

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The Paintman does mail order sand coloured paint.


Don't bother emailing him, despite having a website he doesn't do computers. Email messages are forwarded on to him by his daughter's neighbour's brother's workmate's son. When, and if, he feels like it shaking.gif

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Anchor sends paint inside Britain. How it's done I don't know, but they got a can to Bedfordshire from where an ex Brit who lives in Sweden brought it home for me.

I must add that the company made a good and friendly impression by telling me that they were temporarily out of stock and then notified me good and proper as soon as the paint came in. Sure one of the companies to visit when I hopefully get to Britain next summer. :)

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yeah, not sure about mailing paint, from what i've read you can mail it if it's water based but if it's cellulose based it's supposed to be registered as a hazardous package or something, costs loads to post.

but i'm going to have a ring round shortly and find out so i'll let you all know how i get on...

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