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300TDI no drive


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I have a defender 300TDI overhere. I was driving and suddenly lost all drive to the wheels.

I've tried again with the car in difflock, still no drive, so probably it will not be a broken halfshaft.

How likely is it that the heart of the clutch plate has broken out off the plate?

Clutch feels normal.

The car didn't have too much backlash in the transmission, so I don't think it's a problem with the splines of the gearbox. It's a R380 gearbox, they don't suffer spline wear too much do they?

What do you guys think???

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You don't say how old it is but early R380s (up to about mid 96 sometime) have just as big a problem with spline wear as anything else - after that they all have the drilled input gear in the tbox and they are fine.

Early R380s also have a problem with snapping mainshafts but most should have broken long ago.

I'd still reckon the centre of the clutch as being the most likely but its easier to check the splines first. If it isn't that and the gbox mainshaft is not turning when you try and drive it, then you will have to take the gearbox out anyway regardless of whether it is clutch or gbox so you won't have lost anything.

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I've tried low and high gear of the trasfer box...

I have a feeling there is a tiny little bit of movement when take my foot of the clutch, just for a fraction of a second.

I'll take the PTO cover off tomorrow and see what it looks like there..

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Rev it up a bit and go from reverse to 5th with the clutch out. If the mainshaft is spinning it will be hard to get it into 5th and may make some noises of protest. If the mainshaft isn't spinning it will be easy.

I've just tried this, I can always select any gear without the clutch without any noises...

So my best bet is still the clutch plate.

I hate removing gearboxes on defenders.... :angry:

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