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Landrover Stolen in Chapeltown

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At 04:26 this morning a pair of little scrotes stole the 90 off my drive. Please let me know if you come across any prts winches/winch bumpers/cranked trailing arms tree sliders etc, etc, etc at silly prices or a dark blue landerover with X-eng stickers on the doors ldriving around et me know.



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Just been called by the Police. Its been found stripped and burnt in Sheffield.

Little anchors.

Oh bum, possible rebuild time cometh

good it's been found But sorry to hear it's been burnt.

I doubt the insurers will let you have it back as a salvageable vehicle, just simply because burnt vehicles contain toxic & carcenogenic substance's due to the plastic/other materials having been burnt, get that stuff on your fingers & it's not pleasant & can result in loosing body parts.

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