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We now have a series version - or at least a version for field trialing.


I would like to find three people who would be interested in fitting one of these to their vehicle.

You will get the brake at cost (so pretty cheap) and in return, we need feedback and where appropriate, photographs.

We want these to be the best they can possibly be when they are launched and the best way to achieve that is to have real people using it in real situations.

I know loads of you have PM'd me or emailed regarding this already, but I can't remember who asked when etc, so I'm starting with a clean slate.

The first three PM's received after this message goes live who have suitable vehicles will be given first refusal.

It should fit Series II & III and possibly Series I, bit I don't really know enough about them to say if the transfer box is the same (the zip on my kagool is jammed today).



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Can I just add that I have no.1 on my IIA and am very pleased with it - see the pictures above.

The whole thing feels much more solid rather than the hit and miss feel of the drum.



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