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Swapping an ABS Salisbury disc (TD5) for a non-ABS Salisbury disc (300

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I've got a 110 TD5 with a Salisbury rear axle but the differential is broken. Now I've bought an other Salisbury rear axle but mistakenly not from a TD5 but from a 300TDI so it hasn't got the ABS holes in it. Is it possible to make the sensors fit? Or do I have to look out for an other axle (I hope not...).

Regards Bowy

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The holes are in the stub axles so you need to swap these over

but you need the hubs from the ABS as the exciter ring is on these

simple really to swap the centre as Ralph says or just change the stubs axles onto the new axle to retain the ABSpost-5-127031655582_thumb.jpg

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Why don't you join us to Newbury and pick up an ABS axle there? ;) I will bring beer this time, plenty of it. :) :) :)


If you bring the axle home for me, then you can leave the beer :ph34r:

Today I've checked if it's possible to swop the stub axles and drill a hole for the ABS , but this is impossible so Now I'm on the search for the correct axle. Preferably in Holland......... :blink:

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If you bring the axle home for me, then you can leave the beer :ph34r:

Will keep an eye on it if I'll be going. Not 100% sure yet though. Will let you know if I'm going and found one.

Do you now have the early type you can bolt on to a Salisbury drum axle or the later welded type? Still want to convert my drum axle to discs. From what's been told to me it should be pretty easy if you have an early disc brake axle and swap it all over to the drum axle.

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