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4.6 heads

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Is there any difference between the heads of GEMS and Thor engines? If there is, are there advantages to either one?

Also, does anyone think it worth my while to use a Thor inlet manifold for a MS/LPG setup? The effective trumpet length is mahousive, but is there any reason not to use them?

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Heads-wise I don't think there's any difference, the Thor inlet manifold gains you some low-down torques so it's not a pointless exercise to fit but probably not worth actively worrying about in reality as the plumbing is all a bit different.

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The Thor manifold is probably easier to install LPG injection onto without the plenum in the way. It also has the advantage of using an IAC that is compatible with MS1 so you don't have to use MS2 or modify it to take a different unit. If you have the option, I'd go for the Thor manifold.

As above, the Thor manifold doesn't have a regulator on the fuel rail so you need to use a pump with a built in regulator or fit an aftermarket regulator inline somewhere. If you're using a plastic fuel tank you can just install a matching pump.

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