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Fan belt replacement


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The fan belt recently snapped in my 1975 2.25 diesel SeriesIII. No problem, I'll just change it. I have slackened off the alternator, and pushed it toward the engine however when I go to place the new belt there is an arm fouling where the belt needs to run. On the end of the arm is a pully, very close (almost touching, in fact) to the crankshaft pully, but offset toward the front of the engine. I can't see what this does. The haynes manual just says to 'position the new belt over the pullys'.

The arm holding this pully will foul the fan belt as it runs between the crankshaft pully and the alternator (which is probably why the old fan belt failed). Should it be there? It looks like it would be fairly straightforward to remove, assuming I can loosen the huge bolt securing it to the chassis.

I have attached a picture.

Thanks in advance.


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Is it loose and fallen down when the old belt let go or is it tight where it is?

I would have expected the tensioner to be up near the water pump pulley when the belt is on?

Looking at the photo again it seems that you have two sets of pulleys for the Crankshaft to water pump, one matches the alternator route and the other goes around the tensioner wheel and not the alternator?


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Thanks for the responses.

It hasn't moved or anything, it is securely fastened where it is, although I see what you mean. Maybe it was fitted upside down or something. The pulley is dirty too, not shiney like the others so I don't think it's used. The 'extra' pully is not in line with anything, except a second grove in the crankshaft pulley.

I'm going to remove it. I assume it's for power steering or, as has been mentioned, tensioning for some other ancillary. Bit stupid though, given that it fouls the fan belt...I can only assume I am supposed to have a longer fan belt and other pulley's to allow drive to the alternator without fouling the arm (or maybe a pair of belts?)

Thanks for the help, just wanted to check I wasn't about to do something stupid (like remove drive to the oil pump)

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