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Extra bolt left over from Water Pump housing. Can anyone help?

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Can someone please tell me how many bolts secure the water pump, steering pump and belt tensioner housing on a 300 TDI Discovery? I've replaced the "P" Gasket and water pump but I'm left with a 5" bolt and can't see where it's missing from. Just thought I'd ask to save me taking the whole lot apart again. I could've sworn it was from the bottom bracket of the alternator but it won't go through and I've put a smaller bolt through and it seems right.

If not, does anyone know where I'll get a blow up diagram for it?

Many thanks.

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Perhaps it's one of the 'spare' ones manufacturers seem to put in things. My camera had dozens of spare screws in it - and I'm sure there are a load more as it rattles when you shake it! :ph34r:


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Easy to 'lecture' after the fact I suppose, but it really does pay to make a bolt card. For anyone in the future doing a job like this, it doesn't take long, and saves a ridiculous amount of time when reassembling. More importantly, you know you have all the bolts absolutely correct

See uncle les' pic from removing a timing case...


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I did similar out of a piece of 9mm ply for when I do my timing belt changes-being the forgetfull bugger I am it does help me when I need to put it all back together again-especially if the trucks been apart for a few days


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