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Bigger UJ than RTC 3346?


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LR propshaft UJs are RTC 3346 as used on series vehicles and early 90/110 and the smaller RTC 3458 used on 300Tdi for instance.

RTC 3346 has 17mm diameter cups and is 82mm overall circlip face to circlip face.

Now for the problem, my 300TDi had a replacement (non genuine parts) front prop years ago and RTC3346 is too small.

The cups are 17mm in diameter but it needs to be 92-93mm circlip face to circlip face. Any ideas what UJs I need? Does Disco 2 use bigger UJs?

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I may have answered my own question...

First there is a typo, cap diameter is 27mm..

Anyway according to the online catalogue from www.baileymorris.co.uk, 27mm caps with a span of 92.1 is listed against Land Rover Discovery, so in that case I probably need RTC4587.

A trip to Ottons with my old ones tomorrow to compare looks like a plan..

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Try STC4807.

This was fitted to the later 300tdi front prop shafts IIRC


Top marks, it is STC4807 as fitted to late RR Classic and Disco 2. RTC4587 looked identical in size to RTC3346...

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