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propshaft info

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ah ok thanks for that going to order front and rear from paddock change my cv joint last week and now i notice there are some vibration i've inspect both propshaft and there's loads of play on both! i think it will be better to change the whole lot rather than just changing the UJ! if i'm wrong will anyone let me know please



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if there is nothing wrong with the prop id say just change the uj it will work out quite a lot cheaper i think my uj was 20quid fitted at local landy place thats my honest opinion anyway lol

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Hi the prop shaft should slide freely making its overall length greater by a few centimeters. It should not bend at this middle joint at all. If there is any sideways play in the sliding section then it needs replacing. The universal joints are an easy fix and there is a section on here in the tech archive to help you. I would buy gkn or hardy spicer uj's as they are the same ones the main dealer wanted to charge me 50 quid for. I paid 12 quid on paddocks site.

Hope this helps


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