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  1. Anyone...? I still have the steel
  2. Also will travel to do it if needed :-)
  3. Hi all not posted for quite a while... I have just done a sill replacement on a disco1 for box section sills and I have enough box to do another if anyone is interested..? Can either do the job for you, for a very good fee ( I am a qualified welder) or can sell the steel on. The disco I just did passed the mot straight away the day after, I have before and after pics also... If anyone is interested just private message me and im based in wakefield, west yorkshire..
  4. iv marshalled for the howlin wolf and xl challenge and know what goes on and what it involves.... im only 23 but i have an experienced winch man. i was just after any local events or challenges i can enter just to get started... or even ones a little further away that would be good for a beginner :-)
  5. whens that...? do you have any more details?
  6. hi everyone.... iv been prepping my truck to do standard class challenges and i was wondering if there was any events close to me as im on a budget and ideally would like to drive my truck to events... im in west yorkshire and have free recovery so once im there its not so much of a problem.... thanks...., gaz
  7. My mate got done by one of these and the fact he had gloves on made it worse because it grabbed the glove and hung onto his hand that bit longer by the time it had gone through the glove and he had realised it was too late..... Took most of the skin that connects your thumb to your first finger.....
  8. just wondering what people think is best to use in a challenge truck and the best place to get them from...? it may be a limited choice but its something im going to need shortly so advice on what to get and best place would be greatly recieved... thanks
  9. My insurance with adrian flux went down this year by nearly £30 a month, which i thought was good given i have a highly modded truck cab 90 with all mods and so on declared... I am only 23 though with only 1years no claims... Also as above it was a nice english lady who was very helpfull when i asked to change a few minor details on the policy....
  10. Test the battery and the alternator...... I had a similar problem on my 96 defender the alternator was overvaulting the battery and this made the battery no good...... If I charged the battery and left the car stood with the battery connected overnight it wouldn't start by the morning but there was enough power to turn the immobiliser light on and it wouldn't switch off.... I don't know if the lack of power affects the pickup of signal from the fob but when I got a new alternator and battery sorted it was fine and has been ever since....
  11. yeah thats what im using... thanks
  12. ok so for some of you this might be a silly question...... but i have the cut off switch all wired to cut the battery and i have the positive through to earth wired on the spade connectors underneath.... but where abouts do i wire the other 2 to on a 300tdi?? where on the ignition and wheres the last wire go to exactly? help will be muchly appreciated :-)
  13. how many entries is there?
  14. i have my defender with adrian flux who were the cheapest by a mile for me, and i have my motorbike with bike sure who are run by adrian flux. just had the renewal for the bike and its gone up £16 A MONTH which is a 27.5% rise. if my defender goes up by the same percentage margin as the bike has it will be an extra £38ish A MONTH anyone good at maths will be able to work out what im paying to insure my beloved bike and truck but im afraid it will be goodbye to both if i cant sort something out. im 22 with a heavily modded 1997 defender and 1 years no claims and a gsxr1300 hayabusa with 5yr no
  15. turbo? is the oily smoke coming out of your exhaust?
  16. i had this problem with mine it was a faulty part in the alternator which was brand new it had failed and was putting 25v through then when the ignition was off overnight it ran the batteries flat.
  17. my garage stuck it on a 2 roller rolling road at quite a lick of pace then pulled the handbrake. it jolted the car forwards and off of the rollers. after nearly dying he wasnt my favourite person in the whole world and boy did he find that out when he had the cheek to tell me it only just passed at 17%.
  18. i havnt had a chance to look yet as lots of little niggly things keep going wrong on my truck like wheel bearings, alternators etc etc but looking at others its going to be mondeo i think if there is 1
  19. i actually like this picture think it looks good but thats just me.
  20. im insured with adrian flux and when i first took the policy my car was a standard special vehicle made by landrover. in other words it had a winch bumper and husky winch installed before it came out of the factory. i started paying 105 quid a month when i was 21 which was by far the cheapest but when i changed the truck to a truck cab from a hard back added an 8274 and roll cage it went up to 140 quid a month. i now want to buy a house and the cost of insurance is looking like it is going to force me to sell to pay a mortgage. i have six points for no insurance when my car was broke and i was
  21. i always use simon services very local to me friendly and cheap prices

  22. well it sounds like mondeo it is then :-) my local scrappers dont allow you to go prodding around either you tell them what you want they tell you how many DAYS it will take for them to get it off. it is rather disapointing id love to do it myself.
  23. ok i was told a while back that a couple of fords varieties would fit. thanks i will give that a go
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