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Brake warning light issues?

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On my 90 lately have just started to find the brake warning light flickering on and off, occasionally staying on for a brief period. I have checked all the pads and they are fine and also the brake fluid level is constant (no losses in fluid or pedal pressure).

So now Im thinking it must be a poor earth/connection? Any suggestions?


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I would check the operation of the float switch in the brake fluid tank. Remove it and check it goes on/off when agitated.

Is this happening during normal road use? If the level is at the low end of the OK zone, then a steep slope off-road can put the light on.

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Float switch..ah something else to check! I have noticed it offroad mostly but it can happen on road but less often.

Handbrake switch! Now we could be talking, because I have recently put a new cable and X-brake conversion on. Bound to be something I've done!!! :o

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Thats if it has either a float switch or a parking brake switch. My 110 has neither, but i also had this problem. It occurred under very heavy braking and turned out to be a weep from one of the rear brake cylinders. I think this caused the PDWA (?) valve to detect an inbalance and light up the warning light.

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