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Which rear cross member & why?

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I'm looking to get a new rear cross member for a stock 1988 90 diesel. No need for winch bumper or anything fancy, just want an off the shelf unit.


Which is the best one to get?

Why is it better than the rest?

Where should I get it from and how much?

I know of the bearmach and britpart ones, but don't know anything about of them. I had a look at Les's quick choppy-chop guide and it looks ok to do, just want some feedback on the make that will make my life easiest

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Well I just hope it is as easy as it's made out to be or I think it is... :unsure: It's just once I've hacked a 1/5th off the back of SWMBO's dad's 90 with a grinder I've sort of committed myself to something. It's not like I can say well, it was rotten anyway! :P

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