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axle stands


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I'm in need of some axle stands for when i get around to the waxoyling, i'd like them to have a decent bit of hieght too, so i have plenty of room, i saw these: My link

which look good, anyone got any other recommendations?


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I have two pairs of these . .. http://www.toolstop.co.uk/draper-54722-as6000-12-tonne-heavy-duty-axle-stands-p6451

Overkill for a land rover I know but they are nice and high for getting underneather and changing gearboxes etc

I prefer these or the clarke ones above as they have flat plate feet as opposed to angle iron feet which dig into the floor.

Best bet is to do what i did and get yourself a ramp :P

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£56 for a pair of axle stands is a wee bit expensive in my opinion - you could get 4 for less than that with the same rating. 700mm is 27 1/2", so a bit more than most, but still not worth the money. Be careful if you buy axle stands that fold up - they are dangerous in my opinion.

I have the Halfods 2-ton axle stands and if placed under the axle tube will give you plenty of room underneath.


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As L19 Mud says buy a ramp :rolleyes:

We just purchased a hydraulic two post ramp and the second half of our land rover build went much smoother.

Also changed a clutch in a jimny a few years back with axle stands and the like took us 4 hours. Did the same job on the same car again on tuesday night took us just a tad over 3 hours :P

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