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alarm, immobiliser, central locking problems


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Hi All

I am yet another Disco 1 owner that is struggling to get in to our vehicle.

Key fob stopped working last weekend, batteries changed but with no effect or result.

Battery was removed from fob and lock button depressed for 20 seconds to "clear" the fob, stil nothing, I picked this idea up from this forum, hoped it would solve the problem but it didn't.

Can anyone suggest what my next move should be??

Many thanks


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Does your central locking still work with the key?

I had a problem where the remote stopped working, I tried everything and it ended up being the central locking ECU that had failed.

I have the earlier system (single button fob) but I believe that there is a 'spider' that can go on the two button fob system, I came across some topics on these when I was looking for help with my problem, but obviously these didn't help.

May be worth re-syncing the fob to truck, should be in the manual, or go to someone who has a testbook



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