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coil sprung 88 new chassis


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Thought i would post this here as the series 2 club would cancel my membership :lol:

i have the chance of a coil sprung series2 hybrid built before the rule changes so still tax exempt.

it needs a new chassis so if i change it like for like with a new coil sprung chassis will it still be tax exempt?

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When I bought my series 3 hybrid, it was still under it's original registration because at the time it retained enough points with the body, motor, transmission so that it didn't have to be registered on a Q plate.

I have no idea how it works today, but I would suggest that you 1) check with DVLA 2) search for related posts in this section, it has been brought up from time to time. ;)

Good luck with this conversion if you follow it through, it will literally transform your vehicle.


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Before you spend a load of money, look at the posts by "English Gent".He spent a fortune on his and then scrapped it under the goverment scrappage scheme. I've got one on a "designachassis" the same as tuko's (and get it MOT'd at the same place every year no problem) but if you want coil springs buy an tax exempt Range Rover, if you want a Series Land Rover buy an original example and restore it. Any hybrid is only worth a fraction of the cost of building it, (just think why so many challenge motors are stripped before they are sold) I wish I'd done up an original Series 11a or an early 90 as I've spent nearly £5000 on mine and its worth a fraction of that! :huh: Angus ( Lightweights in good order are only going to get harder to find too.)What you have been offered is probably not worth very much unless its recorded on the DVLA computer as having coil springs etc as I believe the MOT computer tells the inspector what to check?

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I'd say just be carefull my 88 Hybrid was built before the "change".............and not even tax exempt

Man from the ministry still said it required SVA even with proof of MOT's and insurance docs to prove I was running it as a 88 inch Hybrid well before that(couple of years before in fact),

because it was not declared to the DVLA and on the logbook before that cutoff date, it was took on the day they inspected it after they refused to return my V5 when I changed the engine from V8 to TDi and that was in 2007

If your V5 says 88 Inch Hybrid or Hybrid or something like it you will most likely be ok, if it says Range Rover......................watch out !!!!!!!

Until you get something in writing you may still fall foul of VOSA/DVLA as branches cannot and do not operate by the same rules blink.gif

In the end I made the 88 into a 100 Inch Trayback as I had to Q plate via SVA anyway (write up about it all in Total off Road July 09)

This is my experiance, not hear say, not yea it will be fine, not dont worry about it mate......It was'nt for me !

Sorry if I've put a downer on it just relaying my "fun" ! sad.gif

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