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? 2 New Tyres

rog k

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Hi All

I would like your help,I have had my Freelander for a couple of months it is a 02 TD4 Auto the thing is I am retired and need some tyres but at the moment I can only afford two.

I do not do many miles about 3000 a year and the two front tyres have about 6mm left on them I have read on this site about having the best tyres on the rear would it be ok to just get a pair for the rear for now or would this damage anything.

Thank You in advance.

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Thank you rustymark for your reply I will take your advise and look at that site and make sure I get tyres changed round when I get new ones fitted to rear.

Again Thank You.


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I would also try tyreshopper.com if like me you are only road using it and very little mileage they can be quiet good i had the two rear tyres replaced at the cost of about £120 all in.


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You could always tap up your local tyre shop for some part-worns, if you're doing low mileage and not stressing things (EG towing, racing about the place, driving long distance) then pretty much any old tat that keeps it off the floor and passes the MOT will do.

You could also check scrapyards or eBay for a set, I paid £125 for a set of five 16" alloys with usable tyres on.

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I wonder how the OP got on? Did you get new tyres and how are they? I recently changed the wheels on my wife's F1 to 17" from 16" and they needed two new tyres. I bought them and had them fitted but when we drove the car it felt awful, like the gearbox was winding up. I went back and had the lot checked and it was discovered that the new tyres on the rear had a bigger circumference than the front by nearly 15mm, and although the front tyres are perfectly good and with loads of tread left, it was decided to have two more tyres fitted so that I had a matching pair. I had read about tyre diameter differences causing problems but I have to say I was shocked at the huge difference between good tyres and new tyres, cost me a darn fortune :blink: so please beware of this when replacing tyres.


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