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Installing iPhone in a Defender

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I am looking into replacing my phone, and an iPhone is a possibility.

Can anyone recommend a good cradle for fitting it into the vehicle which charges the phone and allows it to be used vertically or horizontally ?

I am thinking to mount it near the A pillar on my right and would prefer to be able to bolt it into the dash rather than rely on a screen sucker.

It would also be handy if I could ruggedise the phone a bit, maybe with an Otterbox. So if the mount could accommodate the Otterbox so much the better.

Edit: And of course I need to be able to get the phone in and out easily to reduce temptation to the light-fingered fraternity

All help gratefully received.



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I use a Brodit mount for my mobile. Very simple. Looks neat and doesn't fall off!

You buy the Defender specific mount that simply clips to dashboard without the need for screws and then you select the cradle for your model of iPhone. The cradle then screws to the dash mount. Cradles are available for just about any phone, mp3, satnav devices. If you change your phone simply buy a new cradle to fit your new device and swap it onto the Defender dash mount. Device cradles come in different options and prices. There are swivel/tilt options and hardwired power dock versions. You can also buy additional mounting plates that allow you to fit more than one cradle, for say your iPhone and a satNav, onto the one dash mount.






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For £2.74 >>This<< was a bargain and well worth its money.

Do not buy car holders from Halfords etc, they will completely rip you off. Ebay is the best for just about everything, as the sellers are constantly in competition with each other.

I ran an audio jack from the back of the stereo through the vent and plug it into the phone. It can be mounted perfectly so you don't see the cable

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An official tom tom mount is available from apple. It is a sucker type mount but is great for using with a gps application as it boosts the signal reception. Only down side is that when I last looked they were £100 so unless they come down in price or can be found somewhere else, possibly used, then they are ****** expensive.

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For £2.74 >>This<< was a bargain and well worth its money.

I got one of those a little while ago and while the actual phone holder is pretty good, I found the flexi-bendy bit and the sucker is pants, so I cut off the end with the adjustable holder and attached it to a home-made bracket that's held down by one of the demist vent screws, while the other end simply "wraps under" the dash top.

Works for me. :)



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Just thought you might want to know. The ipod kit i fit into mercedes will not charge iphone, ipod touch and the 120gb classic ipod as they require a 5v charge, so dont rig up a charger to the battery. you will need a genuine charger for your ipod

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