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Dont use chains for recovery !......... :rolleyes:

This was taken from one of my other internet haunts ............normally quite a responsible place............



And the text reads ..............

"Chains aren't really my friend right now. Got the Cummins stuck while waiting for the traffic to clear out from graduation blvd Thursday night. 4 trucks, many hours and an insurance deductible later we were all finally home.

If your using chains for recovery, BE CAREFUL. Chain snapped and wrapped around the back of the truck and came through the windshield and had a face to face with a chain and hook. Gotta clean the brown stain out of the seat now too.

Damaged the tailgate, roof, sunroof is gone and windshield"

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No ****.

Saw some government type try to pull a Peugeot out of a ditch this winter with the snow. He was hopping about going towards the ditch himself, the chain only loosely slung over his towhook. I kindly told him I'd take care of it from there on and got it out with a very gentle pull of the kinetic strap :rolleyes: Five minutes later and either I'd have witnessed carnage or would've had two people to pull out of that ditch.

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