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Throttle Pedal - Is this OK?


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Hi all,

Currently in the process of installing the cables/pipe work for the 200TDi engine in my Series.

I've fitted a Defender throttle pedal to the bulkhead, just needed to slightly bend the bracket to allow it to fit. A hole was drilled to allow the throttle cable to connect to the pedal.

The cable on the Disco engine was short, and was a perfect length to the pedal. I connected the cable but then realized that I need a bracket or something to fix the cable to the footwell above the pedal.

I came up with a simple bracket idea. Not going to go into detail how I made the bracket.....a bit easy and simple :P

post-8139-127584157504_thumb.jpg post-8139-127584159314_thumb.jpg

Drilled the holes in the footwell for the bracket to be attached.

post-8139-127584208102_thumb.jpg post-8139-127584232196_thumb.jpg

Cut some thick rubber and placed a washer onto the cable to take up some of the slack up. Fitted the bracket and attached the cable to the pedal.

post-8139-127584219613_thumb.jpg post-8139-127584226399_thumb.jpg

post-8139-12758423069_thumb.jpg post-8139-127584229029_thumb.jpg

The pedal has a small amount of play (1/4") before the throttle cable tightens up, other then that all seems well.

One question I do have, do you think this will be OK? The only way the cable can come out of the bracket is if the bolts are unscrewed and removed. Pedal moves freely and returns to the position when released.



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As a variation on a theme as it were here is my system using a Disco throttle cable and a Def pedal. Cable play is adjustable but increasing/changing the nylon washers. Why Nylon? It's what I found in the bin!



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