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Wandering Steering...Tyres to blame?

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The steering in my 1985 Land Rover 90 is very 'loose'. Most noticeable when cruising as opposed to when on throttle. Guy I bought it from put it down to the tyres (General SAGs) not being designed for road use but I don't think it can be just the tyres, although I do intend to buy some replacement wheels/tyres for road use only and keep the SAGs in the garage for offroad. So a few questions...

Whay tyre makes and sizes would you recommend for road use? I do like the beefy look and the white lettering like the BFGs, but road handling is the primary objective.

What could I check on my 90 to see if there is anything wrong with the steering mechanism? Am new to Landys, so got a lot of learning to do. Think I better buy a Haynes manual pronto. Its a 1985 that came with a 3.5 V* but now has a 3.9 EFI (Hot Wire).


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Could be anything really, but i'd start by checking all your suspension bushes front AND rear, also track rod ends drop arm ball joint and don't forget the swivel bearings and wheel bearings!

As for tyres i'd recommend BFG Mud terrains, they're very good on road and very good offroad and will last for tens of thousands of miles, i wouldn't bother with all terrains, i have them on the family disco - they should be called NO - terrains! they're useless offroad and a road tyre would be far better on road.


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Cheers, will get a Haynes and take a look. Did notice they only so a Haynes for the Diesel 90s, mine was always a V8. Assume that, apart from the engine which is now a 3.9 from a RRC, that they are all the same?

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