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90 cut off

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i was wondering....... from someone who has done it, the easiest way of putting a cut off on my 90 to cut the engine?

i want to start and compete and this is one of the must haves i see.

thanks for any help and advice in advance


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As already stated, a switch in the solenoid feed would do the job if a cut off is all you want.

You say you want to 'start and compete and this is one of the must haves'. Do you mean you want to enter trials etc because if you do then a battery isolator is usually required and an FIA master switch is the thing you need. :huh:

The big red key isolates the battery and at the same time cuts the engine (by cutting the solenoid feed) and prevents alternator damage (it does this by sending the alternator output though a ballast resistor until the alternator stops spinning). A simple battery master switch will isolate the battery but will NOT kill the engine or prevent damage to the alternator (in fact it will do the oposite and actually cause damage if operated with the engine running!).

They only cost about £25 and are easily fitted, they also act as an theft deterant by making it impossible to start without a key or bypassing the switch. Aux power (alarm etc) can be supplied by a small fused supply which bypasses the switch.

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litch i like the sound of your option but i know absolutely nothing about car electrics....

how hard is it to do....... can you speak english anymore to me? lol

if anythingf mechanical fails great anything to do with electrics not so good lol

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An effective but cheeky method is to wire the alternator to the battery side of the cutoff and everything else to the "cut" side. Strictly speaking it's not compliant with the regs, and if your alternator cable catches fire the switch won't kill it. However, the switch will kill the engine and anything else running from the battery so it's ~99% there.

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Te simplest way is a FIA battery master switch. Vehicle Wiring Products sell them.

You should only need a few metres of 14/ 030 cable in white and a couple of Lucar terminals.

Do a search on here. You will find the wiring diagram.


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