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thanks to all the guys for your advice

just fitted a EGT gauge at full go i was getting just shy of 800c :o

i have now adjusted my bits :D and at full flow its 700c max

thanks again

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Well that was a result!

Having an EGT gauge does just that it allows you to monitor easily any adjustments you've done.

good value to save the engine for a smallish outlay.

running large amounts of boost/too much fuelling will of course damage things normally the first to let go is the exhaust manifold, it cracks.

200-300TDIs pretty much the same one just an evolution of the other

200 agricultural runs less boost standard

300 refined but a little more fragile.

Andy at Alisport added to much fuel when I had the intercooler fitted , you get the power increase but fuel consumption dropped to 14mpg

so I adjusted it myself back to more reasonable proportions.

if you really want large boost a hybrid Turbo is the way to go but TDI headgaskets aren't really upto to much extra.

perhaps easier to lose weight from the vehicle than spend lots on tuning products.

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