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110 Rear Crossmember Replacement

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Hi All,

Just wanted to get a view of peoples experiences replacing the rear crossmember on a TD5 110...

Mine is pretty rotted and the MOT is due soon, I have a feeling it might not pass this time around :(

I've heard that they are a real bummer to fit and that the quality of many of the aftermarket replacement crossmember's leaves a lot to be desired.

What are the pro's and con's of self fitting versus paying someone to do it for you? Obviously cost is likely to be higher, but is it worth paying someone for the hassle?

Is there somewhere you can buy a good replacement crossmember or even get one fabricated?

All input appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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Have a look through the tech archive - there are lots of guides in there.

As for fitting, doing it yourself is a hassle sure, but saves you money - depends whether you need the time or money more i suppose! Its much less hassle if, unlike me :angry: , you buy a well made one that fits - have a search on here - there are plenty of threads on crossmember quality, the last one was recent (before the weekend) by Wozza35 http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=58645 . I've done mine and would do another if i needed to - wouldnt say i enjoyed the job, but its a learning experience! You do need to be able to weld...

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how much was yours? they don't list prices on their website.


It was £162 inculding the vat it also had extentions and is 3mm thick.

Mine rotted as its been backing a boat in the sea LOL


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