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Bolt on Rear Crossmember?

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Been spendind a while lokking at the 110's rear crossmember recently and had a thought. At some time in the future it is going to need replaced. Now could I buy a crossmember, with extensions, tremove the extensions and replace them with 5mm plate, box in the the chassis ends and bolt the bugger on. It would have to have anti-crush tubes welded into both the crossmember legs and the chassis, but that's not difficult.

So two questions:

1. would it work and be strong enough

2. would it be legal

It would be a hell of a lot easier, given the propensity for rear crossmembers to rot out, to simply unbolt it when it rots.

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1. If you get the maths right, yes.

2. No. (IMHO)

They may rot out, but it does take 10 years or so - try undoing 10 year old bolts under your landy! Also, there is no guarantee that the "good" half of the bolted joint will still be good....

Not worth the hassle IMHO - changing a cross member is only a day for a grown up or a weekend for us amateurs!

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