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some funny noises

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On acceleration there is a very loud squeal coming from the passenger side (i think) and on lift off deceleration it gurgles like when you gurgle water? Can only hear it when moving so hard to find the problem... Never heard anything like this before. Any ideas?



(2.5NA 90 btw)

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Sounds like the turbo has packed it in.

They will squeal when the bushes are shot as the wheels scrape, and vibrate on deceleration.

That's my quick diagnosis going off your description.

Regards Phil....

Unlikely if it's a NAD. ;)

I'd look at the wheel bearings first, as it could be a wobbly wheel scraping its disc on acceleration and the wheel oscillating on deceleration.

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But the engine isnt under the same load when revving at idle so its not entirely certain its drivetrain.

Check the exhaust manifold gasket, they can create a squealing noise as gas squeezes out under pressure.

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Sorry Pete,,, I didn't realise your vehicle was non turbo as your brief description was a little vague for me to diagnose.

(Quote) Just on the move, On acceleration.

Hmmmmm,,, Blown head gasket, blown manifold gasket, stuffed wheel bearings, or the clutch thrust bearing.

I am not psychic so can you elaborate in more detail please mate.


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