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Metal Working Tools - looking at buying


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I'm not really in the market for any but a little engineering place is shutting shop a couple of units away and selling off all their old machinary.

I popped in to have a look and a couple of items caught my eye.

A Viceroy lathe 3 phase on a stand/cabinet complete with tooling for £175.00

and a single phase Milling machine with tooling - £100.00

The milling machine is a bit of a homemade job, the bottom half with vice etc is part of another machine, the top half has then been bolted on to that with a washing machine motor running it. Looks well made just lacks guards round the belt etc.

So are those prices good? They seem good to me, and will it be much hassle to convert the lathe to single phase?


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I would say the lathe is a very good price. I'm not sure what the motor HP will be but I expect it could be converted to single phase motor. Or run it from a phase converter or inverter and stick with the existing motor.

If you have space I'd say grab it.

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Thanks, space is a bit of a premium at the moment but once I've sorted everything out there should be a nice spot for the lathe, think I'm going to give the milling machine a miss at £100, but I'm very tempted my the lathe - just not sure that I'd use it that much, I also forgot to look if it had the automatic bit on the x axis for doing things like threads - which would be nice but I presume it hasn't got?

It all seemed to work well and seemed in very good nick, it's only had very light use making small brass bushes the biggest being about the size of a 2p coin by about 1cm deep, and it's only done 1 or 2 of these a month. I presume they got it second hand so no idea what it did in a previous life though

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