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Series 3 help with pannel i.d.


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Hi all,

was won dering if anybody could help with pannel identification on my series 3,88" or if there is an exploded view of body pannels available.

I aquired it in kit form, with all the floor stripped out for chassis painting & i think i have a few bits missing under the seat box.I have one piece that has been cut, i assume to remove rust that i think came from under the passenger seat.(see pic)



What else should there be under the seat box?

And can anybody identify these bits, i cant see them in the L/R Manual anywhere (18" long, alloy).


Cheers for any help, i didn't realise how hard putting a pile of unidentified bits together could be,

cheers again,


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The top picture shows the bottom of the under seat tool box. There should be another sloping bit which covers the chassis member. Original was plain steel, sometimes with a battery box let into the bottom - so if yours is something else its not original. Early S2's may have had alloy panels.

Replacement: http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.co.uk/023--ns--under-seat-tool-box-20-p.asp

The 2 plates are part of the top of the seat box (and I think are shown in the S3 parts book) Sorry its a case of juggling them around till you find out where they come from (or indeed if they are spare) I'd have thought there should be more of them.

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On an 88, you only have one underseat box (nearside). The other side has no space as that's where the fuel tank goes.

Thanks Rich, I realised that after i posted.

A classic case of opening my mouth without my brain engaged.


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