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steering column


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Two ways -

1 - remove steering box and then outer column, allowing you to remove the bearing in comfort..

2 - remove steering wheel and with a variety of implements, including screwdrivers and vise grips, pry out the old one and replace.


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You can do this by leaving the box in situ and removing the outer column tube.

If you remove the outer column at the steering box, only remove the long pinch bolt that clamps the outer tube to the steel collar that in turn attaches to the alloy of the box. Do not remove the four bolts that hold the collar to the box itself. If you do, the top bearing of the steering box itself will be loose and the ball bearings inside that will drop out into the steering box.

A couple of months back the genuine LR top shaft bearing was back ordered. There is a pattern part available but it is not as good quality as genuine - it is slightly oversize external diameter and undersized internal diameter. With heat applied to the outer column and some careful use of drifts it will however go in. PM if you get stuck for supplies of the bearing - I assume S3 lightweight is the same as standard S3 in this area - as I have a spare pattern bearing.

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I have just done this job on a S3 Ltwt (3-days ago).

SimonB is entireley correct in that you can remove just the tube.

The pinch bolt is 13mm ( or 1/2") - undo it completely.

Remove the steering wheel, column shroud, switches, etc, etc.

Slacken or remove the tube support bracket that holds the column to the bulkhead.

At the top of the tube there's a strengthening collar, so you have a lip to utilise in the tube removal. Place a screwdriver under the lip and knock the tube away from the steering box - it will slide off leaving the column rod in place. To remove the upper bearing you will need a length of rod long enough to go in the bottom of the tube and up against the inner edge of the bearing. Knock the bearing out of the tube - working from side to side in order to extract it evenly. To fit the new bearing I placed it on a block of wood, put the tube on it nice and square, then knocked the tube onto the bearing with a soft mallet.

Note that where the tube goes into the steering box, there's a pip on it that has to align with the split where the pinch bolt goes back in.


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