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Plasma cutters

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Hi, I have one of the ones with a compressor built in - a sling it under your arm and carry it across a field jobber.

I bought it for a boat project in the middle of nowhere. Frankly it saved my life, but only under those specific circumstances.

If it is for your garage, I would strongly suggest getting one with a separate air compressor. Mine will cut 5 or 6 mm if you are not in a hurry (5 is pretty ok). But in the end, it's the air supply which seems to limit it - and the duty cycle of the compressor.

To be honest it's very rare that I need to cut thicker material, so it's fine for me, but if buying new, now I don't have the need to use it outdoors any more I'd go for separates.

I think people have good things to say about plasmas much cheaper than 2k (<1k too). Unless you need to cut inch plate or something?



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I have a SUREWELD one. can't remember which one but the bigger of the SP kits

Based on inverter technology, its small, silly small, light and similar kit is ariound the £1200 ish mark.

It runs off a 13 amp plug, eats fuses at 8mm plate, will cut 6mm all day long, 10mm it will cut but a tag ragged.

I have a 3HP 50 litre compressor, .....100 litre would be better.....if you have to but a comp go 100 litre if you can....

Takes a bit of practise to get used to, but fantastic versatile bit of kit, I did some work where we needed a curve, I used a Coffee mug and then a flower pot for the curves.

Heat is minimal, neat and tidy cuts, worth every penny.

Also Bought the longer torch, over the std 3ish metre length, often pat myself for having the foresight to have the longer torch...another thing to consider


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I also had a stiho 40 but it was only £500 ok chinese import but would cut 8mm clean and sever 12mm the tips are pence and tourch are cheep to replace ok worked of 13 amp plug fine its not a big brand name but for a piece of kit that only gets used 3 or 4 times a month it did the job till it got nicked

saw 1 similar on eb*g last week single phase and would cut 22mm clean £500 little yellow thing

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Thanks guys, I have just gone and bought the £500 plasma cutter from the welders warehouse. Great piece of kit for cutting shapes...tomorrow I am off to buy some more metal since I have cut all my good bits into (completely useless) odd shapes.

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