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Quick MOT question


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Is my 110 likely to fail the MOT over a weeping leak from the transfer box. It is enough that even if you clean it up, take it out for a run and there will be enough to have drips from the bottom bolts of the cover. There is a little on the handbrake from wind blowing the drips back.

I know i need to fix it, but will do it before the MOT if it might fail on it and leave it till after if it wont be a problem.


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Landy is booked in for the MOT on tuesday. Just checked it over and all seems fine. One more question though - i turned up the boost and fuelling (boost diaphragm, not max fuel or smoke screw) earlier this year - no difference that i could see with smoke etc, but is this likely to affect the emmissions test results and should i turn the boost diaphragm back for the test?

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