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Rear disc brake sistem from RR classic 73 in a SIII ????


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Hi to all:

Mi SIII has a salisbury rear dif w/ 24 spines in the axles.

Is possible to obtain in some days a rear dif. from a RR 73 with broken ring and pinion. I will only use the brakes and wells part, ussing the SIII 24 S DRIVING MEMBER 24 SPLINE

I will mantain my dif w/ 24 splines in the axels.

any possible problems or incompatibles parts?

Thank for yours comments

PD: Sorry for my poor english ability

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Have a look through these pages of my blog - the work is on a drum braked 110 axle, but the work would be identical: http://www.nickslandrover.co.uk/archives/category/axles/page/2

I take it that you are also fitting disc brakes to the front, not just the rear? If not, then drop the project immediately - it'd be a dangerous set up to have discs at the rear and drums on the front.

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