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P38 owners must know


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Tuesday morning at 6am my rangy point blank refused to start. well once I managed to get into it. so I left it home and took the 90 :(

After work thinking its due to a remote flat battery I tried again and after entering the key code and resynchronizing the key but no Joy I gave up and phoned a mate Pete Barret at Stunning services he came out to plug the car in after a little while we worked out the main BECM was shot...:o it thought my car as LHD and a manual from Canada by this time it was 11pm so all we could do was remove it from the car ready to be replaced

at this point I was prperly grumpy as a nother friends P38 had just toasted its BECM and that cost him well over £600 to repair it.

Pete of Stunning recommended a company called Callrova, I spoke to them the following morning and said he needed the cars engine ECU as well and post it, I ended up driving over to Brighton to drop it off that evening. I spoke to them the next morning by the afternoon the unit was ready for collection, they helped me out by getting the unit to Chichester for my wife to collect which meant I could have the unit back in the car ready for the weekend.

Sat morning I refitted the unit in the Rangy and all back up and running

So all in I got my BECM fixed in a few days and it cost me less than £300 and had fantastic service from both firms, bearing in mind the BECM's normally carry a bill of seven hundred to a thousand pounds to get repaird.

Callrova fixed the BECM

Stunning services

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thanks for the info very handy to know

i (like a great many others i suspect) was under the impression once a becm went down that was it done :-(

(this was also one of the reasons i held out on getting a p38 for so long)

with this info i can happily cruise around knowing even if it all goes pear shaped its still cost effective to repair and there only up the road too

Thanks again Jules


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