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Turbo Intercooler Hoses. Temperature?

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can any one tell me what temperature the intercooler hoses might get to? I've run some cables in that neck of the Engine bay and might tie wrap them to the hoses if they don't get too hot?

I note there a rubber and metal sections so the metal sections will dissipate mre heat to something attached.

(before you ask...its the winch cables. Rated only to 105C and now covered in flexy plastic conduit for good measure)

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Turbo outlet can probably see temperatures over 100c before the intercooler brings it back down again.

How much of that heat will permeate into the hose i'm not sure.

I wouldnt think cable tying anything to hoses is a good idea though. The ties will over time chafe the hose.

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You could always put the cables inside a length of this.


Already got some on the ends near the really hot stuff i.e. at the starter end. It goes to plastic corrugated split conduit once it leaves the bay. Mines not orange though and mines from VWP. Thanks for the pointer anyhow as that might be better quality.

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